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"What if the AR-15 was
Better Than A Pistol
Or Shotgun
For Home Defense?"

Keep reading and you'll see why the most common arguments against using an AR-15 or modern sporting rifle for home defense are really the reasons why you SHOULD have an AR handy when you sleep.

If you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of armed intruders, you've got one chance to get it right.

If your tactics or weapon are ineffective at quickly stopping the threats, it may be the last bad choice you ever make.

If you're not able to make effective hits, those misses may cause you to spend the rest of your life tied up in the court system...or mourning the loss of a loved one.

Which is why what I'm about to share with you is so important.

You see, home defense isn't just about having the best blaster...it's also about using the right tools and tactics to scare all but the most hardened predators into submission without having to fire a shot.

It's about light...when to use light, how to use light, what kind of light to use (a handheld tactical flashlight may not always be the best choice.)

It's about tactics...when do you hunker down?  Where do you position yourself to be able to cover choke points and minimize the consequences of missed shots?

How do you keep from getting into a tug-of-war match over your gun and how do you win it if one happens?

These are all part of the top 7 myths of home defense weapons that I'll cover in a second...but first, who am I and why should you listen to me?


Seven Reasons You Should Choose an
AR-15 to Defend Your Family

larry-yatchI’m Larry Yatch, a retired Navy SEAL.  But my experiences are a little different than most SEALs...

Some of it's similar and if you happen to have read Dick Couch’s best-selling book, “Down Range,” on Navy SEALs in Iraq and Afghanistan, the second chapter tells some of my story.

I was still “under the radar” when Dick wrote that, so he used the name “Sean Yarrow” to protect my identity.

But my time before and after I was downrange is what will help you the most.

You see, before I was a SEAL, I received my degree in engineering from the US Naval Academy.

While there, I learned how to scientifically test theories and streamline processes.

When I was medically retired after breaking my neck for the second time, I combined that engineering background with my time as an active duty SEAL and created a stress shooting lab.

For 3.5 years, we ran 140 classes per month...about 100 of which were force on force.  Our students ranged from high-speed guys like me to petite housewives and grandpas in their 70s.

We had the opportunity to test popular gun fighting theories that nobody else had tested...

We did high volume testing on the most popular defensive firearms techniques against live non-compliant opponents at full speed.

The lessons we learned were PURE GOLD, but they flew in the face of the theoretical advice you see in most articles and videos.

We found that many accepted ideas about home defense were just urban legends that had only gained credibility because of how often they were repeated--When we tested them, they crumbled.

As an example, one of the biggest misconceptions about using an AR-15 is over penetration.

To be blunt, penetration is a GOOD thing when it's in a vital area on a bad guy trying to kill you.

Penetration is only bad when it's not stopping a threat.

Which leads me to the first myth about handguns having less over-penetration than carbines...

Awhile back, an instructor I know had a career law enforcement professional who had a negligent discharge of his service weapon after lunch.

It was a 124gr 9mm hollowpoint that's been proven effective by law enforcement for several years.

The "hollow point" got plugged as it went through the first wall and it ended up going through 6 (SIX) layers of sheetrock before stopping.

What about a .223 bullet from an AR?

The long, narrow .223 bullet flies straight and true in the air, but quickly becomes unstable when it meets resistance.  The heavy tail flips around and the bullet breaks up into several small fragments as it does.

Like this...

It's WAY easier for walls to stop fragments than an entire bullet.

But the best way to minimize over-penetration is for a bullet to go through an attacker before it hits a wall.  And that means using a gun that will maximize your chances of hitting your target.

Which leads us to #2...

Forgive The Jerk

Every shooter knows that it's easier to hit a target quickly with a rifle than with a pistol.

The longer barrel is easier to point and is more forgiving.

Move a 16" barrel an inch to the side and you'll still hit an attacker at in-home distances.

Move a 3" barrel an inch to the side and you'll miss by a mile.

Ever jerk the trigger?  On a pistol, this means you'll completely miss...even at close range.  With a rifle, if you've got your support hand forward and the butt against your shoulder, a rifle is MUCH more forgiving if you make common mistakes like jerking the trigger.

Stops Threats Sooner

In a fight for your life, there's a good chance you'll miss some.

The reality of a chaotic self-defense shooting is that you may miss with 20-50% of the shots you fire...even if you're highly trained.

One of the best ways to reduce the number of misses is to reduce the number of rounds you need to fire to stop the threat.

Rifles and carbines are the clear winner here.  And it's why hunters, SWAT teams, and militaries from around the world choose rifle calibers when they need to shut something down with as few shots as possible.

You Feel Less...They Feel More

Less recoil means faster accurate follow-up shots.

I've got a scandium frame .357 Magnum revolver that HURTS to shoot...but the recoil buffer on an AR makes it easy for kids as young as 5-10 shoot them effectively.

This is one of the areas where the AR pulls way ahead of the shotgun.

Many petite women have a hard time with fast followup shots with a shotgun shooting self-defense loads, regardless of how good their form is.  It's simply a matter of physics.

But a 97 pound kindergarten teacher can quickly learn to use an AR to put 3-5 rounds per second on a man-sized target at 10-20 feet away.

Defensive Caliber Pistols Aren't Humane??

In most states, it's illegal to hunt deer with the guns and ammunition that people normally use for self defense because they just don't work that well.

The generally accepted purpose of a pistol is that it's a portable tool to help you get to a serious weapon.  It's not the tool that you'd take to a fight if you had any choice in the matter.

If you had a choice, you'd probably choose the tool that law enforcement and military use...the AR.

Paper Targets Don't Fight Back...Bad Guys Do

Bad guys do things that paper targets on a square range don't do...they have an annoying habit of hiding and trying to take your gun.

It's MUCH easier to retain a carbine than a pistol.  Not only can you get 2 hands on the gun, but if you're using a sling, it's your entire body vs. their hands.

And if they're bigger and stronger than you and they have a solid grip on your carbine, all you have to do is fall/sit back and they'll find that they're holding on to a rifle that's pointed at the center of their chest.

Guns Fail...Then What?

The unfortunate fact is that guns don't always work.  They can malfunction, run out of ammo, or you might forget to chamber a round in a high stress situation.

If that happens, you're still holding a nice solid impact weapon in your hands.

What you've got to ask yourself is...do you want to be holding a short impact weapon or a long impact weapon?

The AR is an incredibly effective impact weapon.  You can muzzle punch people in the chest and knock them senseless with relatively little force...a fact that our troops have repeatedly used to minimize casualties in the war on terror.

In addition to muzzle punching, you can swing it like a bat, strike with the butt, or do about anything that you'd do with a bowstaff.

In 2014, Jonathan Haith awoke at 9:45am to find an armed home invader in his home.

Fortunately, he had time to grab his AR-15.

“I heard the loud bang in the laundry room area,” he said.

“I crouched down, grabbed the firearm and was walking up the hallway,” he said. “As soon as I poked my head around the corner I saw a tall male standing there with a gun.”

“He shot first, I shot second,” he said. “He missed and I reckon I connected.”

The man was struck in the stomach. He ran out of the home, and collapsed across the street in a church parking lot.

Now that’s stopping power.

The “Problem” With Military & Law Enforcement Training

Having the best gun for the situation is awesome...but there's more to it than that.

As an example, a lot of people take carbine training from military or law enforcement instructors wearing load bearing vests and other cool gear that's completely appropriate for military or law enforcement use, but not for a civilian defending their home.

The reality is that if you face a violent threat in your home, you're probably going to go to war in your boxer shorts and bare feet instead of wearing all the tacticool gear you like to train in.

And, even if you keep a battle belt or vest by your bed, the psychology, rules of engagement, and tactics will be completely different for you than in a military or law enforcement situation.

Your training needs to reflect this.

crime-scene-tapeIn the worst of situations, these tactics could get you or your family killed.

They could injure your neighbors too.

And finally, the tactics that are so much fun to practice could open you up to significant legal liability.

That’s because military and LE tactics are meant for offense.

So if intruders enter your home… you need to know and understand defensive tactics.

Things like pre-defined backstops, choke points, rally points, and how to properly use light as a weapon.

Because in the case of a home invasion or robbery, your best offense is a great defense.

See, in military and law enforcement, you’re usually working in teams.

You have speed, surprise and violence of action working in your favor.

Not to mention you control the timing and location of a confrontation.

A lot of times, innocent people have been evacuated or there weren’t any to start with.

But in home defense, all of these factors are working AGAINST you.

So if you try to be Jack Bauer and clear your home room by room, your chances of success are very small.

But by putting yourself in a defensive position and controlling choke points, where you’ll eventually get the bad guys into your field of fire, you’ve turned the tables.

You just need the right tactics to put together your plan.

It’s All About What Works… PERIOD!

That’s why I’ve created an all-new course, Home Defense Rifle.

This all new home study course has taken years of fanatical testing to build it from the bottom up for the citizen defender.

It builds on my team's real-world military and law enforcement experience, but it's specifically designed for civilian use.

It's the best of all 3 worlds.

Look, I know there are a lot of courses and training available today, much of it taught by fellow SEALs, other Special Operations personnel and law enforcement professionals.

But they take a military or LE approach.

Neither of which are good approaches for a citizen defender.

That’s why I do things differently.

I don’t just rehash what I learned from Uncle Sam’s 4 million dollars’ worth of specialized training I’ve received.

That training and multiple combat missions taught me what it takes to win gunfights.

But like I told you earlier, the tactics for a citizen defender need to be far different than I used as a SEAL.

That’s why we don’t teach tactics just because SEALs or SWAT use them, even though my team consists of multiple SEALs, a former SWAT commander, a Special Forces Green Beret and a Recon Marine.

With the diverse team I recruited to SEALed Mindset, you’d think the inter-service rivalries and “our way is best” attitude would have gotten in the way.

But it didn't.

We took the tactics and techniques we used in combat as well as and test them over and over again, in situations as close to “real world” as you can get.

And this is the greatest time in history to learn tactics!

Between Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, we’ve got more access to after action reports and combat videos than any other time in the history of combat.

And things have changed radically.

Tactics have improved.

Techniques have improved.

So we test them all.

Then, we scrap the losers and teach the winners.

That’s why Home Defense Rifle literally took years to create.

Of course that’s not the fastest or easiest way to create a course.

(SEALs aren’t known for doing things the easy way…)

But we’re feared and respected around the globe because we do things RIGHT.

After all, the stakes are as high as they can get for our customers.

You and your family deserve what really works.

So what will you discover in Home Defense Rifle?

Presenting the World’s Most Current and
Effective Tactics for the Home Defender

hdr-dvdInside Home Defense Rifle, you’ll see the results of years of study and testing so you, the Citizen Defender have a complete defense plan for your home.

The material is presented in five modules, each consisting of two sessions.

First, you’ll go through the “classroom” session.

Then you’ll go through a very precise practice session to master that section.

One of the biggest problems with most carbine courses is that they're filmed on a live fire range and there's a complete disconnect for someone who's watching a DVD in their living room.

Our training includes live fire demonstrations an drills, but it includes something more important...dry fire drills that you can do in your home AS YOU WATCH THE TRAINING!

You'll not only learn better tactics, but since you can watch and immediately practice what you see, you'll learn WAY faster.

It’s like building blocks, first a good foundation, and then you can build a tower as high as you want.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Module One: 100% Security

High speed skills are great, but your first line of defense is vital. In this module, you’ll discover how to reduce your chances of being targeted, give you more time to respond and reduce any potential for legal blowback if you have to use lethal force in defending your home.

  • Quick, easy tweaks you can make to your house to funnel bad guys EXACTLY where you want them to go...so you have the maximum advantage if they decide to push things.
  • Three types of plans you MUST have in place if your family’s safety and security is your top priority.
  • Three simple “modifications” to make to your home that slows any criminal from breaking in… even if he’s using a brick on your window.
  • A cheap, easy and most importantly EFFECTIVE trick for getting advanced notice when a bad guy is about to enter your bedroom. (This little trick gives you plenty of time to employ a better weapon…)
  • An immediate response drill that stops an aggressive attacker at your door cold. This drill even works for a much smaller person like your wife or even teenage children.
  • How to neutralize and reprogram your body’s natural startle response.
  • A precise seven-step process, plus script for calling 911 which gives emergency personnel exactly what they need to speed response… but insulates you from making any incriminating statements that could come back to haunt you when the legal system takes over after the incident.

Module Two: Form and Function

True confidence with your weapon is knowing it inside and out. In this module, you’ll see how to set up and maintain your AR.  **This isn't for gun geeks**  It's quick, practical, to-the-point information for people who want to take care of their gun but don't want to obsess over every detail.

To be blunt, we created this module to help OUR wives who weren't prior service get up to speed as quickly as possible.

  • How to take your AR-15 completely apart for maintenance and lubrication so you know it’s rock-solid and dependable.
  • Should your rifle have rails or no rails… free float or fixed barrel, muzzle brake or flash hider? You’ll see how to select and customize your AR-15 for the unique needs of home defense.
  • How to master the “in the arm” emergency reload that gives you the speed you need to protect your family from lethal threats inside your home.
  • Three reasons why the “C-Clamp” (or overhand) grip so popular with competition shooters and direct action units could ruin your “AR advantage” and ultimately, your family’s security.
  • Why your trigger finger is among the stupidest things in your body and the two-step trigger finger awareness process that keeps your brain from telling your finger to be dumb.
  • The three part “press check” that makes certain your rifle is ready to project lethal force to the fight with ZERO surprises.

Module Three: Shooting Fundamentals for Modern Sporting Rifles

Even if you have a military or law enforcement background, this module is vital.

Here’s an example of why…

A few months ago, several officers from a major department faced off with a bad guy. The officers all had their patrol rifles with red dot optics. They were all in supported positions from 10-30 meters away.

The situation was resolved with no shots fired.

A few days later, their training officer re-created the situation on the range with a paper target.

None of the officers were able to put hits on the target, even after several attempts.

As a result, their trainer did some refresher training on the fundamentals…the basics. Because if you don’t have the fundamentals squared away, you’re building everything else on a weak foundation.

  • A drill to get perfect sight alignment automatically in high-stress encounters--and make it a conditioned response you do automatically.
  • The secret to effortlessly switch shoulders and stay highly accurate in any condition.
  • Why a “muzzle down” position so popular with military and law enforcement may or may not be the right technique for you. (The ultimate reason they use it is NOT because it’s most effective… and most average shooters use it because they see it in the movies and because most ranges require it.)
  • The five steps of “rifle shooting fundamentals mastery” that form the foundation of advanced tactics that come in later modules.
  • The myth of “blading” your body to make a smaller target… BUSTED. (And a better position that maximizes power, balance and maneuverability.)
  • “Mechanical Offset” and how ballistics affect your point of aim vs. the point of impact, and how to use this information to set your sights up at “combat accuracy” for any kind of shot you’ll need to make in home defense.

Module Four: Deterrence
Deployment – Kit

The best gunfight to get into is the one that’s avoided. That’s why we go deep on deterrence strategies. Mind you, you’ll be packing lethal force that projects complete authority. Just the sight of your weapon can make a home invader turn tail and run, but in this module you’ll see how to multiply that projection of force.

  • Two types of risk you assume at the start of any home defense… and a simple procedure that completely insulates you from both.
  • A five point checklist to minimize any civil liability resulting from defense of home. (Think you couldn’t be a prime target for prosecutors? Think again!)
  • Why you should NEVER store semi-auto weapons with a round in the chamber. No, not the obvious “because someone could get shot” reason, but another that could put your belongings at high risk and even put you in jail.
  • The only two storage solutions you’ll ever need and the most critical part of employing your weapon and engaging your home defense plan.
  • Three types of “kit” for home defense… and how to determine which is right for you.
  • A shot timer drill that adds speed to your mounting and engagement foundation.

Module Five: Alternative Shooting Positions and Multiple
Targets and Threats

The high-speed tactics you need to take care of multiple home invaders, since they tend to work in teams. These tactics have been tested exhaustively specifically for the citizen defender.

  • Five common traits of home invasions and robberies taken from “after action reports” and how to tailor your home defense plan for both common and more sophisticated attacks.
  • Why you should NEVER dynamically clear your house unless there’s NO other choice.
  • Fast knee vs. precision knee – how to choose the best position for the type of threat you face
  • Which military techniques and tactics are good for home defense… and the commonly known ones that have no application outside of the battlefield.
  • How to learn the process of immediacy so you know how to handle a swarm of home invaders entering your home at once.
  • Live fire drills for engaging multiple threats using smooth transitions to each.

Look, Home Defense Rifle is the answer to the facts that show:

  • Roughly 10,000 burglaries happen EACH DAY in the US
  • A household member is present in roughly 1/3 of home burglaries and regularly becomes a victim of violent crime(s).
  • One out of five homes (20% of US residences) will experience a home invasion or a break in at some point.
  • Sixty percent of rapes and 38% of assaults are occurring in the aftermath of home invasions.

And remember, these stats were compiled during peaceful times!

With statistics so high, why would you NOT want to be fully prepared to defend your family?

Think about how high they would skyrocket if the “you know what” hits the fan.

That’s why you need to be ready.

Don’t be a victim.

I created Home Defense Rifle just for your peace of mind and families security.

There is NOTHING on the market that comes close to it's effectiveness for doing carbine training in your home and no other course that was created for the realities of home defense instead of tacticool situations that only happen in movies.

Home Defense Rifle stands alone so YOU can make your stand if you’re that one in five who will experience a violent intrusion event.

It’s Time to Turn That "Safe Queen" Into The
Life-Saving Tool It Was Meant To Be

Most ARs sit in safes and get almost no use.  Their owners barely know how to shoot them, let alone fight with them.

They bought them, "just in case" and "while it was still legal to buy one" but having an AR without training is like giving a 16 year old a sports car and no driving lessons.

They may THINK they can handle it because they've driven a lawn mower and grandpa's tractor, but you know that serious tools...regardless of whether it's an AR or a car, require training to be safe and competent.

It's time to fix that...for everyone in your household.

Whether you're looking to buy your first AR, if you've only put 10 rounds through yours, or if you're burning through a barrel per year, you NEED the Home Defense Rifle training.

We’ll cover everything you need to know to select and set up your AR.

But even if you’re not planning on an AR-15 any time soon, Home Defense Rifle still has all of the plans and tactics you need for defending your home from scumbags.

You could still use a handgun or shotgun…they're better than nothing, but not nearly as effective as an AR.

And that means you need Home Defense Rifle even more!

Because building your home defense plan and learning the tactics for cover, concealment and dealing with multiple targets and threats could save your life, and the lives of the people most important to you.

And you’ll get the most effective techniques and tactics we’ve tested over years to give you the edge.

I’ll Show You What Works in the REAL World…
And You Take ZERO Risk for 60 Days

Not only will you get a nice discount today, I’ll back Home Defense Rifle with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Take a full 60 days to go through all 11 recordings.

Put your Home Defense Plan together, practice your drills and fortify your home against todays criminal scum bent on mayhem.

And if for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, if you don’t see the value of the tactics we’ve so thoroughly tested, and if you don’t feel total confidence you can “take care of business” in case your home is invaded…

…Simply contact our customer care, send back your materials and you’ll get a rapid, no-questions-asked refund.

Home Defense Rifle is THE most current course on the market for defending your home.

There’s NO other course like it.

And I guarantee it will deliver the goods and help keep your family safe and secure in today’s crazy world.

Just select the package you want and get started today.

Semper grex defendite (Defend the flock, always)

Larry Yatch

SEALed Mindset

“I’m Ready to Protect My Family, Larry!”

Home Defense Rifle

Instant, On-Demand Online Access

After The Smoke Clears
(Interacting With The Legal System After A Shooting)

  • Instant online access to the course created a by combat tested US Navy SEAL and full time instruction team.
  • 10+ hours of training and demonstration ranging from the basics of the AR-15 to home defense tactics to high speed real life drills.
  • The ONLY carbine training available that seamlessly integrates and hardwires situational awareness, deterrence skills, reprogramming your startle response, and more.

After the Smoke Clears

  • Understand general legal principles and how to interact with Law Enforcement.
  • Your legal fight starts the second after you have had to use your firearm to legally defend yourself or a loved one. We will explain the legalities and your obligations.
  • In-depth interview with attorney John Caile that will give you an in-depth look into the mind of a prosecutor, the psychology of a jury and the case law surrounding defensive shootings.

Home Defense Rifle

Online Access
Physical DVD's
Home Defense Rifle
Training Guide PDF
After The Smoke Clears

  • Instant online access to the course created a by combat tested US Navy SEAL and full time instruction team.
  • 10+ hours of training and demonstration ranging from the basics of the AR-15 to home defense tactics to high speed real life drills.
  • The ONLY carbine training available that seamlessly integrates and hardwires situational awareness, deterrence skills, reprogramming your startle response, and more.

Home Defense Rifle DVD’s

  • The 3 DVD home study set (HD Quality) sent to your doorstep.

Home Defense Rifle Training Guide and Workbook

  • A 113 page PDF version of the Home Defense Rifle Training Guide and Workbook
  • Ability to repeat and reread any of the trainings at a glance allowing for accelerated learning.
  • Photos of all of the drills, and written training drills for both dry fire and live fire!
  • Three complete plans including your home defense plan

After the Smoke Clears

  • Understand general legal principles and how to interact with Law Enforcement.
  • Your legal fight starts the second after you have had to use your firearm to legally defend yourself or a loved one. We will explain the legalities and your obligations.
  • In-depth interview with attorney John Caile that will give you an in-depth look into the mind of a prosecutor, the psychology of a jury and the case law surrounding defensive shootings.
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